Hans Tulp, Osteopathie
 To find health should be the object of the doctor.
Anyone can find disease.
Andrew Taylor Still

Osteopathy recognizes the body as a whole and focuses on the dynamic relationships between different parts of the body. The aim of osteopathy is to prevent, diagnose and treat (early onset) dysfunctions by supporting the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

Hans Tulp, Osteopath und Heilpraktiker

Hans Tulp
State-certified osteopath &
non-medical practitioner

B.A.O.-certified practice

My practice is certified by the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Osteopathie (B.A.O.).

www.bao-osteopathie.de Osteopathie Qualitätssiegel - BAO zertifiziert

Member of the professional association for Osteopaths in Germany

(Verband der Osteopathen Deutschland e.V.)

www.osteopathie.de Verband der Osteopathen Deutschland e.V.

Praxis Hans Tulp
Darmstädter Str. 9
64625 Bensheim

06251 8488 986
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